Special Operations Outlook

Procuring for the SOF Mission

Posted on 26 Sep 2013 0 comments

America and its allied special operations partners are at the forefront of the Global War on Terror and other conflicts worldwide. Although every member of the armed forces has performed admirably during the conflicts, no other community has been so well suited to the roles and missions required by this new world security climate.

Special operations forces have traditionally made sure that they “equip the man” and not “man the equipment.” Though this has long been one of the fundamental beliefs of special operations, our nation’s scientists and engineers continue to equip these heroes with the best technology available to increase the operators’ safety and, at the same time, their lethality.

USSOCOM’s FY 2018 budget request continues to invest in technology and SOF-unique capabilities that will sustain ongoing efforts to build the networks and capabilities required to successfully accomplish their mission.

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